What To Know About Target Credit Card

Because of the breach of the Target credit card, signing up for the card comes with a lot of skepticism. What people don’t know is that the breach can happen to any store. Often, this is the question that many people ask. Is the Target Red Card worth it? There are two types of Target Red Cards. Which are, the old model card and a modern debit card, which is automated to draw from any of your existing account. In this case the card has its advantages and disadvantages.

Every time you use the card at a Target store you get 5% discount. Also through Target pharmacy, there is an attached package that can help despite the fact that you don’t get discounts on prescription drugs. Another advantage is that if you use the target.com when you are shipping all payments are waived and also you have 30days to return a purchase. Not forgetting that annual payments waiver. One of the uncommon benefit is that you can donate 1% of your credit card, red card, at Target store, or website. All you have to do is designate a qualified K-12 school to benefit from your donation. In addition, if you are not familiar with the Target and their credit card, every two prescriptions you feel in the store, you get an additional 5% off for one day of shopping. The 5% reward can be stacked as an extra saving on top of your pharmacy rewards.



The card can only be used at the Target store, and the credit card’s APR is considered high. Target is not like a normal credit card because there are no balance transfers. Moreover, you have 25 days to pay all charges to avoid interest after your billing cycle card cycle ends. If the payment is late, you are required to pay lateness fee of up to $35 which is based on payment history. This card is not a good choice for people who are looking to earn rewards and purchase anywhere. In addition, the interest you pay if you don’t pay the credit right away, could be more than the 5% you initially saved. If you decide to go the Target way just make sure you pay your credit on time to avoid extra cost otherwise this is not a card for you.


The card is straight forward and simple and the fact that some people abuse this cards they are not always a bad idea for others. The good thing is everybody have their own priorities and financial goals. Unfortunately there is a lot of communication from main stream because the advice they give is one financial goal fits all. While the case is what is good for me might not work for you. In this case take the advantage of the savings that Target credit card offers and make sure you pay credit on time. So, whether to have or not have the Target credit card is all our beliefs When it comes to budgeting and spending. Just make sure you take all factors in to consideration before applying.

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